Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Never Been Happier

So even though it is way past my bedtime, I am having a hard time trying to fall asleep.  Therefore I have chosen to consume my time with looking at Minnesota pictures and dreaming about how in 99 days I will be entering the MTC and in 120 days I will hopefully be stepping foot in the beautiful land of Minnesota (where I will pretend I am in a place as warm as Florida)

 YES! Hopefully the cold doesn't keep me out!
 This lil' beaut was born in Minnesota. Now I know when she was saying "There's no place like home" she really meant Minnesota
 It just seems like such a happy place! I sure hope I get to see lots of those barns smiling right back at me!
And...the snow...
Here's the video I wanted to post last week, but it wasn't really working. Welp, it's working now! I love my friends. I don't know where I'd be without them.  
And to top it all off, I get to work with this lovely lady every Saturday afternoon.  And yes folks, she does wear those glasses as a fashion statement. All the time. (just joking) She's totally stylin. But, it's fun to work with such an awesome girl! She's hilarious and so is her blog

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  1. i've also gained an intensely increased interest in the state of minnesota. haha also i am just so flattered that you chose to put that picture up of me, i just will so get asked out more dates. haha. love you!