Friday, September 30, 2011

I just love my family.

 I just want to brag about my family because I just love them.  Even though we are all scattered and only have everyone together every once in a while, whenever we get together it's like we've never been apart and I love it. They are so amazing and I could not have been placed in a better family. I love being the youngest and learning from each one of their examples.  I love that my family has grown so much in the last few years too and I'm so lucky to have such amazing sister and brother-in-laws.  They are so much fun! I can't wait to see them all this weekend and talk and laugh and play games. It's gonna be a good weekend! (Sorry about the overload with old school photos!)
 The boys
Colton, and Megan, and Hadlee :)
Nate, Cherise, Lucas, and Carter
The girls. Ya, we're fierce.
 nicole and craigers

 I have the cutest nephews ever.
 Old School. I look so thrilled for those batteries!

 Aren't we sooo good looking??? (ha.)
 Nicole hahahahaha

 My Dad is sooo photogenic :)

 I love my mom.

 Proof that I looked like a bald boy as a child...
 Couldn't have asked for a better sister.
 Aren't they cute?

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Happy Late Birthday to My hero

So a few days ago it was my dear Grandmother's birthday. I called her up and had a nice little chat in which she informed me of how proud she was of me and encouraged me to continue to work hard and study hard.  I thought I would give a little shout out to her because I look up to this woman so much.  I'm grateful for her beautiful example to me as a daughter of God. She always has a smile on her face and has never said one unkind thing in her life. She's always so encouraging and uplifting and makes you feel like the best person in the world! I love talking with her and sharing experiences with her because she's such a good listener.  She's the person that whenever we would walk out the door she'd say, "Remember Grandma Loves You" :) She's taught me the value of hard work, but one thing I am extremely grateful for is her charity towards others.  She's always so willing to give no matter what the circumstances.  Her and my Grandpa are the most charitable people I know.  I'm gonna continue bragging for a minute about her because she's the one that first introduced me to the ukulele! She's a great player and sings beautifully! (a trait I definitely did not inherit...but we can pretend...) Anyway, my grandma rocks! I love her and am so glad I have a good relationship with her because she's the kind of woman  I want to become and she raised my mom (another woman I want to be like one day).  HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRANDMA! THANKS FOR ALL YOU DO! I LOVE YOU!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Late to Work...

Here I am at work...really bored so I figure I'd blog! This morning I woke up at approximately 5:50 and was suppose to be at work by 5:45 plus I was picking up friend at 5:40. Silly me I kept turning my alarm off! But, I'm laughing at myself because I actually went to bed the earliest I've gone to bed this whole week and that was at 11 :) I was so excited to actually get some sleep.  It's funny because the last couple weekends I've stayed up late and gotten about 4 hours of sleep on the Fridays and woken up just fine Saturday mornings at 5:15... It's funny that I just couldn't wake up this morning! Weird! I literally jumped out of bed and ran out the door, didn't even brush my teeth (don't judge me).  I was pretty impressed with myself for getting to work by 5:58. It's been a good morning. ha. ha. ha. ha. ha. ha.....I wanna go back to bed. barf.

Never Too Late
It is never too late to be happy;
It is never too late to smile;
It is never too late to extend a hand
With a cheering word once in a while.
For there's never a sorrow or worry
In all this green-covered earth
But is followed soon by a gladsome joy
And a generous measure of mirth.
~ Jeanette H. Carey

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Leap of Faith

This is going to be a cheesy post so don't judge me. I just love the Gospel! It's been such a great day and I can't even express the amount of joy and peace I am feeling at this moment! :) Today I took a leap of faith and went forward with a decision that's been on my mind for a while. And BOY DOES IT FEEL GOOD! Here's a good quote for all those people that read my blog (me...and Kate Magleby hehehe) Prayers are answered. The Church is true.

“Faith exists when absolute confidence in that which we cannot see combines with action that is in absolute conformity to the will of our Heavenly Father.”  -Elder Robert D. Hales

And I just love my friends as well. They get me through life-where would I be without em? no one knows. I'd do anything for these peeps.

 Little treasures.
Hansel and Gretel??
 roommates/best people I know!
 Don't ask.
Love them!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Just a thought.

Hope you know, we had a hard time
This is one of my favorite Mormon messages of all time and I love how it applies so well to us all no matter where we are in life. Especially today as I've talked to close friends who are going through hard times, this kept popping into my head. I love the power of the Atonement and the hope that it brings in our lives.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Uhhh... random life quotes.

 Good quote.
 I really like this quote. I remember reading it in high school and totally just had an epiphany! Love it!
 This one makes me laugh!

Well.... I sure love Ice Cream so this quote fits my life!  I prefer Cookies n' Cream... just sayin.

This describes my life today. Made a few mistakes, tried some new stuffff. Learned lots. Wise words little Albert, wise words.

My new motivation.

I just really wanna be a runner so here is my new motto. Let's see how long it lasts.....