Saturday, September 24, 2011

Late to Work...

Here I am at work...really bored so I figure I'd blog! This morning I woke up at approximately 5:50 and was suppose to be at work by 5:45 plus I was picking up friend at 5:40. Silly me I kept turning my alarm off! But, I'm laughing at myself because I actually went to bed the earliest I've gone to bed this whole week and that was at 11 :) I was so excited to actually get some sleep.  It's funny because the last couple weekends I've stayed up late and gotten about 4 hours of sleep on the Fridays and woken up just fine Saturday mornings at 5:15... It's funny that I just couldn't wake up this morning! Weird! I literally jumped out of bed and ran out the door, didn't even brush my teeth (don't judge me).  I was pretty impressed with myself for getting to work by 5:58. It's been a good morning. ha. ha. ha. ha. ha. ha.....I wanna go back to bed. barf.

Never Too Late
It is never too late to be happy;
It is never too late to smile;
It is never too late to extend a hand
With a cheering word once in a while.
For there's never a sorrow or worry
In all this green-covered earth
But is followed soon by a gladsome joy
And a generous measure of mirth.
~ Jeanette H. Carey

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